Saturday, June 19, 2010

my machine is cursed I swear

well I haven't been a very good blogger lately but I have a funny story to tell hopefully I can get some photos up tonight after I've finished the apron I'm trying to make.

Now I'm not sewing alone cause I'm in a sewing class, with other beginner sewers as well which is lovely. I used to be really scared of my machine and therefor the hopeless one but after a couple of weeks of using it I think I'm finally able to say I like my machine! too bad it doesn't like me. Seriously one class the needle actually just fell out I was all 0_o how do I put it back in I said in a somewhat crazed, surprised tone.

Teresa my tutor showed me and it just fell out because it was loose, not because it was cursed as I like to keep saying. I have a base model Janome and its meant to be a decent machine for the beginner sewer. Anyways as usual I digress...

funny story to be told. Teresa keeps saying to me I need to invest in an iron, an iron? but this is sewing not domestic duties! well of course sewing is domestic but you know what I mean. It has heaps of uses and actually makes sewing easier! I found out if you have an iron you don't need that inter/fusable (I can't remember the right term for it) for the straps as you can just fold it the width you want and then iron it so its flat and has creases on the edges. Anyways I was shocked cause let me tell you I hadn't up until a couple of weeks ago touched an iron in say six years?

I am somewhat domestically challenged I can admit to that


  1. Hope to see some photos of your work. Do enjoy it.

  2. :-D My Iron gets used for my sons school shirts and crafts, apart from that it is quite redundant. My sons Jokingly says Ironing to me to see my reaction, so I play and pretend he has said something really scary :-) This has been a running joke of his for years, infact I think its is high time he grew out of it being 16. Thank you for joining in my little prize quiz on my blog.


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